Did you know that 1st September the 40 Saints – Virgins celebrate their names, among which is also the name Kleio?

1st September is the name day of the 40 Saints, Virgins and Ascetics.

The 40 Saints – Virgins were originally from Andrianoupoli, Thrace, east part of Greece. They lived there at about 300AC and were students of the deacon Ammun. They had rare beauty, pure heart and strong faith. At that time, in the eastern part of the Roman Empire, Licinius, a terrible persecutor of Christians, reigned. Licinius had ordered the extermination of all Christians who refused to worship the idols he imposed. The 40 women and their teacher did not succumb to the challenges of Licinius to worship the idols, as they had spirituality, integrity, sharp spirit with ideals and did not want to betray them in front of the full of vanity material idols of Licinius. They did not take into account the wealth and the rich, secular life offered to them by the lord Licinius, and they preferred to sacrifice themselves and thus they died with martyrdom.

The names of the 40 Saints – Virgins are beautiful, special and rare and many of them have ancient greek origin.
One of them, Kleio, celebrates as well this special day.

The names that celebrate this day are:

Adamandini, Athina, Akrivi, Antigoni, Arivia, Aspasia, Afroditi, Dioni, Dodoni, Elpiniki, Erasmia, Erato, Ermeinia, Efterpi, Thalia, Theano, Theoni, Theonimfi, Theofani, Kalliroi, Kallisti, Kleio, Kleoniki, Kleopatra, Koralia, Lambro, Margarita, Marianthi, Melpomeni, Moscho, Ourania, Pandora, Penelope, Polymnia, Polyniki, Sapfo, Terpsichori, Troada, Chaido, Charikleia.

“The 40 Saints – Virgins” by Vassiliki S. Vassilopoulou, Apocalypsis edition.