Olive tree flowering

Flowering of our olive trees starts in April of each year and ends in mid May. In the perfect flowers, with the developed stamens and the pistil, the pollen grains from the anthators of other flowers are transported, through the wind (the distance that the pollen can be transported is estimated at 500 m) and fertilization takes place.


After the flowering and fertilization, the petals wither and fall, while the fruit of the olive tree “thickens” (the so-called drupe: Fleshy fruit with a woody endocarp, which contains semen).

Rapid Fruit Growth: June – July

The nucleus of the fruit is mainly formed and less the fruit

Slower fruit Growth: August – September

The flesh of the fruit is developing while the nucleus stops growing.

Intense Fruit Growth: October – November

The olive fruit changes color from green to violet and is ready for collection and oil extraction.