Shipping – Shipping Policy

When can I place my order in the e-shop?

You can place your order electronically through our online store whenever you want. Your order will be registered and we will process it on the same day for its implementation.

Can I place my order by phone? And what days and hours?

Yes. You can place your order by phone at 211.411.7613. The order section is open daily from Monday to Friday 09:00 -17: 00.

When will my order be processed?

All orders are processed on the same day of registration and within 24 hours have been delivered to the cooperating courier or transport companies or delivered by our own means.

Can I order a gift for another recipient?

Yes. Through our online store, it is possible to order gifts, which can be sent to any recipient you wish. In the comments, you simply fill in that it is a gift order and the recipient’s details so that the product is delivered directly to him. Gift shipments are subject to the same delivery policy, which applies to all orders placed through our online store.

Is there an order threshold?

No. There is no order threshold. You can order as many products and as many pieces as you want.

By what means of transport can I receive my order?

For the shipment of your orders, the shipment will be performed with the courier companies and transport companies cooperating with us, namely:

  • Speedex Courrier
  • Transport companies for deliveries outside Attica that operate by geographical area throughout Greece.
  • DHL for shipments outside Greece

Can I choose the transport company for the delivery of my order?

Yes. For areas outside Attica, you can choose the transport company you want to deliver your order. Simply enter the name of the transport company in the comments so that we can contact them for this shipment.

In which regions and countries can the products be shipped?

Through our online store, we provide the ability to send orders throughout Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania. For the rest of Europe, you can contact us at 211.411.7613.

How can I choose the place of shipment of my order?

During the completion of your order, while filling in the shipping details, you are asked to select, from the list of countries in which we carry out shipments, the exact place where you want us to send you your purchases.


Corporate Orders

I am a professional. Can I order for my own store?

Yes. Regarding corporate orders please contact us at 211.411.7613 for more clarifications and details.