Christmas Gif Box with 1 bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Kleio” 750ml & 1 Olive Oil Dispenser


Christmas days are always magic, joyfull, full of devoutness, warmth and love. This special christmas of 2020, lets keep safety as first priority in order to enjoy future christmas with our beloved ones for many many years.

So, lets stay home safe and create magical dishes for us and our family.

To our loved granma, granpa, cousins, αunts, uncles, and friends to whom we won’t be able to hug them and wish them “Merry Christmas”, we send them the best Christmas Gift Box ever. A unique box with 1 bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Kleio” of 750ml from Achaia in north Pelopenese in Greece. A complementary fine ceramic Olive Oil Dispenser will suprise them and make their Christmans table even more exceptional.

The Gift synthesis is finalized with 2 aromatic hand made soaps with Pergamonto and active coal for your beauty.

Kontogiorgis Estate wishes you Merry Christmas!

Βάρος/Weight: 2.5kg τεμαχίου/per item

*Το τελικό βάρος και η τιμή των τεμαχίων υπολογίζεται στο καλάθι αγορών.
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