The Olive Oil (the juice of the olive fruit) has always been and continues to be a key element of the Mediterranean Nutrition along with the wheat and wine. Since ancient times olive oil has been recognized as a food not only rich and nutritional but also therapeutic in many cases. Hippocrates himself had praised the olive oil for its qualities in his book (Book Dietary and Therapeutic) where it presents the healing properties of the olive oil. The Mediterranean Nutrition is unique in composition and benefits, which us, the Greeks were fortunate to learn from our ancestors, and we gratefully adopt in our daily life. At the same time, we follow this nutrition and teach it to our children, while we feel a duty to pass it on with love to the rest of the communities around the world.
As an essential fatty element, olive oil is the most important source of energy for the organism, while it serves for thermal insulation and protection of organs of the body.
Among other characteristics, the olive oil transports the fat soluble vitamins in the body, acts biologically as a structural element of the cell, and thus, contributes to the construction and well maintenance of the organism. It also contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases due to the antioxidants it contains; it helps regulate the blood sugar levels, proper functioning of the intestine and last but not least, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, providing brilliance and natural beauty.
Due to its special characteristics in relation to other fats and oils, olive oil is ranked by many scientists, nutritionists and doctors, high in the consumption preference, as it contains the largest percentage of mono-unsaturated fatty acids. This fact makes it more resistant to oxidation as mono-unsaturated fatty acids do not break down easily and thus no harmful substances are released into the body’s cells.
However, not only the specific fatty acids are beneficial to the human organism; the olive oil consists of 400 different compounds such as antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, sterols and other elements that act beneficially and provide health, beauty and longevity to the human organism.

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