For packaging and bottling we cooperate with modern bottling companies certified for ISO22000, HACCP that fully comply with the relevant instructions of the Greek National Organization For Food Control (EFET) and the European Regulations.

Our packaging is based on glass as glass is a natural, inactive and impenetrable material, and on tinplate containers.

Natural material means that it is produced by elements that are abundant in nature such as sand, carbonated soda and marble dust. In glass there are no toxic chemical elements. It is also inactive, which means that it does not react with other substances, it does not absorb them and it does not transmit any foreign harmful substances to its contents. Due to its molecular structure, the glass is practically impenetrable to oxygen. This is very important because when the olive oil comes into contact with oxygen (O2), a self-oxidation mechanism is activated, initially producing peroxides and later on other secondary oxidation products, that are smelly and sometimes dangerous to our health. 

Our dark color glass packaging that we choose for our olive oils, protects the olive oil from photochemical and biological reactions of olive oil from light. Thus, our olive oil maintains all its characteristics intact, the vitamins but also its organoleptic characteristics, its original taste, aroma and freshness.

Finally, due to our faithfulness to our values for respect to the natural environment and its raw materials, we use the glass because it is a 100% recyclable material.