Even if you walk all around the world
The sea and land,
No joy you’ll ever know like the motherland’s joy
Only the motherland watches us like our own mother,
Brightens our happiness
Comfort our sadness

By the greek poet “Ioannis Polemis”

Our village “Vassiliko Achaias” is located in the western Peloponnese, 16 kilometers west of the city of Patras. It is the first flourishing village among the many villages of the plain of Farres, a wide plain through which flows the river Peirros. The region of this beautiful village emerges between the magnificent slopes of the mountain Erymanthos, full of firs and other rich flora.»

The well of the holy monk Germanos in the center of the village: its mining, dates back to the year 1860.

More information about the village can be found in our literature

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