Our Values

As scientists we are always guided by the laws of the “Chemistry of Nature”. This is because we believe that the environment itself, the earth, the air, the water, the plants, the animals; everything, even the human beings operate under the laws of chemistry of nature. Everything works according to the principles that nature itself has defined.

As people-part of this planet, our ideal is to respect and follow these principles, as “basic principle of nature and life”.

The precious ethical values that guide us in the “KONTOGIORGIS ESTATE” are: respect for the environment and its resources, respect and love to man, and the non-negotiable commitment to the quality and purity of the products we provide.

We always move on with ethics and dignity, work hard and cooperate with integrity and honesty with all our associates.

This is the way we are in “KONTOGIORGIS ESTATE”.


Our Vision

Through our products “Kleio”, we envision the noble coexistence of all the links of the agro-food chain: the physical resources of the nature, the means and processes of production, and the final recipients who are us the people.

Our vision is to produce and/or deliver pure Greek products with minimal processing and human intervention, free of any artificial additives, so that they offer energy, nutritional value, wellness wellbeing and longevity to our customers.

Through our products and collaboration with social groups, institutions, health organizations, scientific communities, we at “KONTOGIORGIS ESTATE” envision the dissemination of the value of

Mediterranean Nutrition.