The olive estate have been our family’s heritage for six generations; they date back to the 1800s. Traditionally, the whole family worked on the cultivation of olives, but also with many other agricultural crops, as was customary in the last century in all Greek villages.

Our olive estate is located in the village of Vassiliko, Achaias (former Brakoumadi) in the specific location: “Paliochori”. There, we cultivate the local special olive tree of variety “koutsourelia” or “Patrini” or “Dopia (local)”. Our olive estate produces a  single-variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Koutsourelia – Patrini of limited quantity, which is of exquisite flavor, vivid green color, intense aroma and rich in nutrients for the human organism.

We also provide an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the greek famous variety “Koroneiki” from the same region in Achaia, a unique olive oil of incomparable taste and aroma.

Our new olive trees on the background of the magnificent and imperious mountain Erymanthos

Love and Passion

Our love and passion for olive trees and olive products are unlimited, which is why we strive to grow continuously. We plant new olive trees and take care of them as if there were our children so that they can grow and give us healthy fruits.