We are well aware that the olive oil can “self-destruct” meaning to allow the small particles of olive pulp and moisture that remain after extraction to create hydrolysis of the olive oil and create free fatty acids.

The enzymes present in these remnants of the olives as well as the water droplets activate the hydrolysis of olive oil, gradually increasing the acidity and degrading the qualitative characteristics of the olive oil.

For this reason, we filter our olive oil and thus we remove all these residues and store it filtered. This way, the olive oil can keep its organoleptic characteristics for as long as possible, and stay intact as the first day of his extraction.

Thus, we can guarantee its excellent quality, its superior taste and aroma.

Then, we transfuse the olive oil into stainless steel tanks using nitrogen to protect it from oxygen (Ο2) of the atmosphere and prevent oxidation and thus the production of undesirable primary oxidation products (peroxide) and secondary oxidation products that degrade the taste and aroma of the olive oil

Finally, we store these tanks in a cool and shady environment on a controlled temperature of 15ο C because higher temperatures and light are factors that favor the oxidation of the olive oil.