Fresh, Early Harvest, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, harvest 2020, variety Koutsourelia – Patrini


The fresh, Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Kleio” of our new harvest 2020, of the local and special variety of Achaia, Koutsourelia – Patrini is now available, filtered and bottled, ready for full enjoyment!

Early Harvest, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early Harvest Olive Oil belongs to the category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is the first oil of the year from the freshest and healthiest olives, unripe and green that were collected by hand to give their freshest and most aromatic juice.

This olive oil is special, healthy and delicious, because the olive fruit is harvested early, around mid-October, oiled immediately and immediately promoted for consumption. Its high biological and nutritional value is attributed to the good relationship of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids, vitamin E, natural antioxidants it contains, and about 400 other substances that play a special role in the functioning of the human body.

Variety Koutsourelia – Patrini

The variety Koutsourelia or Patrini or Dopia or Mana (mother) as many of us call it in our area, belongs to the category of small olives and is a little bigger from the Koroneiki one. As a tree it reaches a height of 5-7 m, with deep green leaves, 4 cm long and 1 cm wide. The fruit has a cylindrical shape with an average weight of 1.20 gr and the ratio of flesh to the core of the fruit is 5: 1.

It is considered a variety demanding to soil moisture and fertile soil so it is cultivated mainly in the prefectures of Achaia, Corinth and Etoloakarnania where the soils are of very good quality. It produces olive oil of exceptional quality, deep green color, high viscosity and rich taste.

Early Harvest, Koutsourelia – Patrini

Early Harvest olive oil of variety Koutsourelia – Patrini comes from semi-mountainous and olive groves of Achaia, where the variety of Koutsourelia thrives naturally, is cultivated and collected with undivided care, and always taking care not to injure the olive fruit.

Its strong organoleptic characteristics are linked to the microclimate and geographical characteristics of the cultivated area. The altitude of 400 meters where the olive trees are cultivated, and the fact that they grow naturally without watering, give us an excellent olive oil, fruity, bitter and spicy, with a strong personality and full taste. The rich aroma of freshly cut grass and aromatic fruits stand out with the first opening of the bottle and charms all of us over from its first drop.

The fresh, Early Harvest olive oil “Kleio” of Koutsourelia – Patrini, new crop 2020, was examined in terms of chemical quality indicators by official laboratories and in terms of sensory analysis by the Kalamata Olive Oil Tasting Laboratory, University of Peloponnese and both analysis reports clasify our olive oil to the category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Relative certificates are attached.

 Early Harvest Koutsourelia Patrini:

Harvest 20/10/20 – 15/11/2020, oil production every day for the crop of the day

Filtration 20/11/2020

Bottling   25/11/20 – 10/12/2020.


We are so proud of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Koutsourelia – Patrini!


Olga – Kleio Zerdila

Chemist, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

MSc Food Technology – Quality Assurance, Reading University, UK