Our harvest starts early October and can last until end December every year. The whole team of “KONTOGIORGIS ESTATE” is gathered in the estates for the harvest of the olive fruits, the so called “Liomazoma”.

We place special burlap sheets under the olive trees.

The olives are harvested with special rakes, carefully and without caning, so as not to injure the olive fruit. Special care is given by our team not to press the olives with their feet during the harvest, as this will injure the olive fruit and cause hydrolysis of the triglycerides, resulting in high acidity, something that we do not desire for our olive oil.   

After having harvested the olive fruits, we carefully remove leaves and branches by hand, in order to avoid having a very large proportion of them during the oil extraction. By this process, we ensure that our olive oil will not possess negative characteristics such as “soil – straw” in the aroma and taste.

The olives are always kept in clean burlap sacks which allow adequate ventilation of the fruits until they are processed, while protecting them against overheating and the development of fungi and microorganisms.

We place them under a tree shade to prevent the fruits from overheating until they are transported to the olive press.

Next, we load the sacks on our trucks (stacking not more than 3 sacks) and transfer them to a cooperating certified olive press to be pressed and extracted on the same day (in less than 10 hours) in order to avoid the activation of hydrolytic enzymes in our olive fruits. This way we achieve low acidity in our extra virgin olive oil.