Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Greek Mother Nature for Beneficial Nutrition and Absolute Enjoyment


“Kontogiorgis Estate” was named in honor of the family and our great-great-grandfather Georgios Grigoropoulos, who bore the nickname “Kontogiorgis”. The use of a second name in addition to the official surname, was very common in Greek villages in the past years. The purpose was to distinguish relatives, who bore the same name and surname but belonged in a different genealogical branch of the family.

Our great-great-grandfather Georgios Grigoropoulos (Kontogiorgis) passed on to us his love for the land and the trees, “the children of the land”, which he cared for as if they were his own children. He taught us the art of cherishing them and the prudence to “listen” to them; principles that we also adopt and advocate until today.